Education Channel, 191

Monday, Jun. 5, 2017

6:30PM to 10:30PM LIVE
Conservation Commission Meeting

Tuesday, Jun. 6, 2017

7:00PM to 10:30PM LIVE on Ch. 194
School Committee Meeting

Wednesday, Jun. 7, 2017

6:00PM to 9:30PM LIVE
Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

General Channel, 192

Monday, May. 29, 2017

9:00PM to 10:00PM NEW
Chefs' Table Series - "Chiara Bistro"
10:00PM to 10:30PM NEW
Vegetarian Spice - Episode 4: "Tawa Palak & Pyaz Pilaf"
10:30PM to 12:00AM NEW
Dungeon of Dr. Dreck - "The Unknown"

Education Channel, 194

Monday, May. 29, 2017

8:00PM to 9:30PM NEW
Uxbridge Varsity Baseball vs. Auburn - (05/22/17)
9:30PM to 10:00PM NEW
McCloskey Middle School 6th Grade Spring Concert - (05/24/17)
10:00PM to 11:00PM NEW
McCloskey Middle School 7th & 8th Grade Spring Concert - (05/24/17)

Tuesday, Jun. 6, 2017

7:00PM to 10:30PM LIVE
School Committee Meeting