Government Channel - 191

Sunday, Mar. 24, 2019

4:00PM to 4:30PM REPLAY
Board of Selectmen - (03/18/2019)
4:30PM to 8:00PM REPLAY
Conservation Commission - (03/18/2019)
8:00PM to 11:00PM REPLAY
School Committee - (03/20/2019)
11:00PM to 12:00AM NEW
Waste Water Treatment Facility Building Committee - (03/20/2019)

Monday, Mar. 25, 2019

6:30PM to 10:00PM LIVE
Board of Selectmen Meeting

General Channel - 192

Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

9:30PM to 10:00PM
The Garage with Steve Butler - "No Jointer, No Planer, No Problem"
10:00PM to 10:30PM NEW
Road Warrior - "2019 Mercedes-Benz E450"
10:30PM to 12:00AM
Dungeon of Dr. Dreck - "Torture Ship"

Sunday, Mar. 24, 2019

12:00AM to 1:30AM
Dungeon of Dr. Dreck - "Torture Ship"
6:00AM to 8:00AM

Education Channel - 194

Sunday, Mar. 24, 2019

8:00AM to 10:30AM NEW
UHS Drama Presents: "The Wizard of Oz"
10:30AM to 12:00PM
2019 Uxbridge High School Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game
12:00PM to 12:30PM
Behind the Black & Orange - Episode 3
12:30PM to 1:00PM
School Talk: "Higher Education: Pressures, Professors, and Promises"
1:00PM to 2:00PM
Creating Cooperative Kids: Episode 19 - "How to Raise a More Peaceful Child"